Whole Milk is Stressing Me Out...

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Whole Milk is Stressing Me Out...

...and it's making poor Maia's bum red!! Sad

Well, I think whole milk's the culprit, anyway. We started Maia's switch to whole milk back on the 9th of May, giving her a sippy of milk that morning and continuing with her lactose free formula for her lunch time and night time bottles. (She also gets a small sippy of watered down apple/carrot juice with her mid-morning snack, but she's had that for about 2 months now without a problem. She'll also gets regular water to drink and ice-cubes to suck on in her mesh feeder.)

So right away she gets constipated and we dealt with that all week by giving her more fiber-rich foods and she seemed to be doing okay. On the 14th we gave her a second sippy of whole milk (her lunch sippy) so she was getting two sippies of whole milk a day and one bottle of lactose free formula at night. Sunday evening (the 15th) she was SUPER constipated, so bad that I had to massage her in order for her to pass her stool. I decided to bring out the secret poo weapon (prunes) that evening for supper and she had them again Monday at lunch time.

Tuesday afternoon and into Wednesday morning she had diarrhea which led to her first diaper rash. Sad After all the poo from Tuesday night I stopped the whole milk and went back to only giving her the lactose free formula. The diarrhea has since stopped and the rash is healing but just now today she's had another diaper full of loose stool.

So the upshot of this long-winded poo-tale is this: I don't know what to do! She has her 1 year pedi appointment next Wednesday the 25th but I don't know if I should just keep her on formula until then or if I should try easing back into the whole milk. Do you think I should try to take her in for this issue before the appointment? WWYD??

BTW, she's not had a fever at all and she's been eating/drinking/playing/pointing at everything/getting into everything like normal. But all the crazy poo freaks me out! Thanks, ladies. Sorry for the novel here. :confused:

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kylee has kind of a weak stomach, and when i gave her whole milk it made her booty and hooha all red, so i switched over to 2% and she has been fine since. she had to be on the protect plus or gentle plus formula when she was a baby because the other was too hard on her stomach.

maybe try to switch to a different percent milk? i know that whole milk is kinda tough on some kids.

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Why not just give her lactose free milk since she is getting lactose free formula???? Like Lactaid, when I was BF'ing my daughter I used that. I never drank it like a glass of milk (well chocolate) since it didn't quite taste like milk to me but it was fine in cereal.

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Sorry I am not much help. We have the opposite problem here. The poor girl gets prune juice every day!

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I don't think you *have* to give her milk since you have an appt. so soon. You could just continue with the formula until then. Of course if she continues to have digestive issues then you could always call to see if they want to see her earlier. I do think lactose free milk might be a good idea. I can't think of a reason that it would not be okay to try that.

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sorry not much good advice here, jade had some problems at first with milk too, i just kept backing off and try again, the rumour with most foods seems to be try 3-5 times if they don't like it at first so used that, and now she's fine with it. it took a few weeks of little bit at a time (started with 1/2 cup only in the morning to drink with her oatmeal) if you are concerned by all means, no harm done by trying something else, the diff % sounds like a great plan! just wait and see what the ped says and go from there. good luck!!!

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I agree with Lynne here. I think it would be worth a shot to try lactose free milk. I think I would let her bum heal first in case that doesn't agree with her stomach. Could it be that she is teething? Sometimes, babies get runny poo when they are teething. Nathan got 4 molars right around the 1 year mark. I don't think I would bring her in earlier than her scheduled visit though, if she seems to be acting fine and drinking enough formula/water/pedialyte.

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Thanks, ladies!! I was wondering if there was a lactose free milk and if it would be appropriate to give her that. She's gone back to formula and though she's still having loose stool, she's gone back to her normal once a day on the bms.

I do believe she's cutting a molar--I think I saw it in her mouth while we were playing but she won't let me touch it to confirm. (And teeth brushing has become a nightmare!) I was wondering if that couldn't have caused some of this, too.

I'll definitely be asking the pedi next week about all of this. Thanks for helping to ease my mind! Biggrin

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I know this may sound weird, but by nature, humans are lactose intolerant. The fact that it is upsetting her stomach isn't surprising. (The fact that it DOESN'T upset some tummies is the weird thing) I agree with the others. Continue with her lactose free formula, then ask the pedi what they think about lactose free milk. If she is eating a good variety of other foods, she might not even need milk (especially if she is still on formula, as that is almost all the vitamins she needs right there!)

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I agree that it could be teeth. We started giving G milk about 3 weeks ago and within a few days her poo's were softer. Not runny but soft. I just stuck with it and sure enough a molar popped through this week. Then the poos got normal again, but now they are soft, so I'm thinking another molar might be coming through. Lots of times the milk is rough on their bellies -- why the advice is to wait you know -- and they will get used to it. If there is an allergy most of the time there is more than one symptom like a rash all over, a fever, etc... I would think that giving the lactose free milk a try would be a great idea, especially given she was on lactose free formula.

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Whole milk gave Katie diarrhea as well. We had to back off, and in her daycare bottles she is still getting half my milk, half cows milk. I don't think the whole milk vs. 2% should make a difference since the only change there is the fat content. I agree with the others who said just continue the formula until your appointment. Every baby is different, and there's no magic button at 12 months that changes their intestinal tract, I think it's strange that as a culture we automatically switch them at that age. Just do whatever is right for Miss M. It might just take her some time, or a different type of milk.