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Nathan is finally clapping! I was a little worried there for a little while. But then again, I never really showed him. I showed him how to do it on Sunday and then yesterday, he would clap every time I would say yay. He does it after he does something too, like putting one stacking cup in another. I love this age! You can see the little wheels in his head turning and really starting to be a little person. Love it!! Biggrin

Feel free to add what you love about this age!

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woohooo! clapping is the best! i agree, my fav is just seeing how they watch and absorb everything and then trying to do it! jades biggies right now are high fives (the doc thought it was hilarious!) and 'reading' her books to go to sleep. my fav moments are going in at night to put her book away and just seeing the peace on her face! so interactive and quick to smile and laugh that hearty baby laugh! omg just everything!!!

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Oh yeah...love the fives and big slobbery opened mouth kisses!

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So cute! I love the clapping!

J finally started clapping a week or so ago - love it! He claps when I say 'good boy', or while he's playing and does something new, and when he finishes eating.

Soooo many new things in the last 2 weeks - he started signing 'more' last week (after months of me signing to him!) He points at everything now, waves at everyone and every thing, has learned to go back and forth across the room with his walker/ride on toy.
His babbling has taken on a new form - it really sounds like he's 'talking' now, with lots of different expressions on his face and tones in his voice - and we can finally say he says 'Papa' for DH (well.. it's more like 'baba') Use of 'mumumum' is still a bit random though...
He likes to put things in boxes and take them out again as well... he can sit for ages putting his blocks in and out of the carton...

It's so much fun seeing him explore and figure things out right now!

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congrats on the clapping! its so funny to see how excited they get when you say yayyy and they clap! lol i love when you tell them to do something, like "go put this in the trash" and they stare at you with that in deep thought look. kylee always looks at me and thinks about it for a min and i will tell her to go ahead and she will go do it. its so funny! kylee loves to high five and give open mouth kisses! i felt bad the other day because my son knows the "up high, down low, too slow" high five game, and he too slowed kylee, and of course she doesnt get it so she was a little hurt that her bro wouldnt high five her. but its okay, i made him give her a real high five and a big hug and she was better Smile i had to tell him that kylee is off limits to the too slow game and we must high five her every single time. i can see her getting him back with that game in a few years Wink

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YAY! I love clapping!!!

Totally had an uh oh moment last night. Alison saw me use a pen to open the new box of cat litter. I set the pen down, to throw something away and turn back around to see her pen in hand, stabbing the cat litter box! ACK!! They copy everything!!!!

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Yay, Nathan!! Awesome job. The hand-clapping is so cute! I think we need video! Biggrin

I love how Maia loves kisses now and how she wants to give us big kisses. And I'm just Mommy-goo when she blows me kisses. I thought it was adorable the other day when she offered her sippy cup to the cat. LOL If it had been full of whole milk I think the cat might have taken her up on her offer! The 'sharing' with us is so cute. I like how she brings me books to read to her.

Take away the diaper tantrums and this is a really fun age! LOL

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