*surprise!* we've got another one coming!

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*surprise!* we've got another one coming!

DS will be 2 in September. This baby is due March 30-April 3 (exactly ovulation date not known, it could be off a 1-2 days because I lost my thermometer and was just charting my CM mid cycle). But, I'm going to be telling family I am due April 13th, to ward off all those "haven't you had that baby yet!?" comments that I HATE, and I'm sure I'll go overdue again. DS was induced on 41 weeks, and it was an awful failure. He was NOT ready to come out yet.

This will be an entirely different experience than being pregnant in the awful heat of summer! I'm much happier about this pregnancy, I feel great (so far), and I'm remaining active, instead of quitting all exercise and just eating. I'm still eating my same diet (lots of salads, fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, brown rice, and less read meat and pasta) for now, just adding in an extra snack during the day of fresh fruits and vegetables. I also found out I was pregnant the day that I was to start Round 2 of P90X, and I've decided to continue for as long as I can, and am feeling great and hopeful about remaining active this pregnancy and not gaining as much weight!

I'm also very hopeful and excited because this time I'm learning from my mistakes. Last pregnancy I had an OB that was much better at cutting women open than he was encouraging and supporting a normal birth, this time I have an appointment with a midwife! I will be birthing in either the birth center or at home! Still undecided. But SO excited to get my VBAC!!!!

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BTW, I'm a little worried (again) about the possibility of twins. I am an identical twin, and I have fraternal twin cousins on both sides of MY family, and DH has them on his mom's side of his family!

I tested at ~15 DPO(~day 2 after missed period) and it was a BOLD line that came up FAST. I didn't take a home pregnancy test with Mason, so I'm not sure how it compares, and I'm sure of my dates, so I couldn't be further along, so now the possibility of twins kind of scares me!

I just hope I don't start getting really sick again. With DS1 I was so sick. I had hyperemesis. NOTHING helped. I could keep nothing down, not even fluids. Doc refused to do anything and told me it was "normal", even though I was losing weight (and I had NO weight to lose!) and vomitting all day long, even when there was no food in my stomach, I'd still vomit LARGE amounts of bright yellow bile. I don't remember how far I was when the hyperemesis started with DS, so I'm very nervous and anxious. :S

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Congratulations!!! Even if you are due at the end of March, we would love to have you here.

Do not worry about the line, at 15 dpo your line should come really fast, it is not an indicator of twins at this point.

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Congrats! Welcome to April Smile

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Congratsss!!! I hope to join you here veryyyyyyyyyyyyy soonn!! I soo want twins they share such a special bond! I hope you dont get so sick this time around it sounds like a real bummer!! When is your first u/s?

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Congrats on your BFP!!

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Congrats!!!!!! HH9Ms


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Hope I get to join you on this board, it'd be nice to have some encouragement for eating healthy/exercising and not gaining as much weight this time around!!

I also had a sept baby who was soooo overdue, so it'd be interesting to give birth BEFORE the summer!!!!!

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"MrsV2B" wrote:

Congratsss!!! I hope to join you here veryyyyyyyyyyyyy soonn!! I soo want twins they share such a special bond! I hope you dont get so sick this time around it sounds like a real bummer!! When is your first u/s?

I won't be having an early US. I believe they are not studied well enough and could cause harm in the baby. I know within days of when baby was conceived, so I don't' need the pregnancy dated and will go by the due date *I* choose. And I don't need to know right away if its twins, because it won't change the outcome any by knowing earlier rather than later. And, I don't feel in my gut that there is twins in there. I sense just one little baby. Smile

We probably will find out the gender, and I'll want to check placement of placenta (I'm slightly concerned with placenta previa because of my previous csection - I've read sometimes they like to form low, near the scar), so I'll likely agree to 20 week, external ultrasound.

though, I so wish we could let it be a surprise!!! But, I don't fancy the thought of not being able to buy anything until after the baby is born. (If its a girl, I don't think green is GN, and if its a boy, I don't see yellow as GN, so I don't want the entire wardrobe to be of those colors. I'd like to be able to shop when pregnant!)

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Congratulations and welcome to April! Biggrin

I think it's great that you're staying active! Keep up the good work! I wish I was motivated like you...lol. I hope there's only one baby in there....but how cool to have a family filled with twins! I'm sorry you got so sick last time around, I hope things go much more smoothly this time! Biggrin

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Congrats to you!! I'll be right there with you. I'm not planning on stopping my workouts. Plus I'm extra motivated by a girl that is 8 months pregnant and still doing all the same classes with us. She's my hero!

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Yes i understand your concern regarding the u/s. I feel the same way about finding out the sex because i dont think i can shop in the "gn" aisle ! Lol