16 week belly pics

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16 week belly pics

Here are my 16 week belly pics
This is 16 weeks compared to 12 weeks....

And here is 16 weeks with #3 compared to 16 weeks with #2. I am showing way smaller this time IMO. I was soooo big by 16 weeks last time :eek:

Finally rocking some maternity jeans since its going to rain today and although my reg. jeans fit, they are so uncomfortable to sit down in. Finally can say I have a mini bump even if you can only see it in snug fitting clothes!

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You look great! I have to say, I'm a bit jealous of the tiny cute bump.. Blum 3

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I love your perfectly round baby bump! Are you feeling like you have a girl in there? I know when you announced you were thinking there was a decent chance you might have conceived a girl, I was just wondering if you are still feeling 'girl'.

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Love your baby bump!

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I am the same way!!! MUCH smaller with baby #3 than I was with baby #2! Your bump is super cute though...I'm jealous!!

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You look great! How funny that you're showing much less than #2... cute bump!