1st OB appt

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1st OB appt

I saw my actual OB for the first time today. It was a really good appointment. He spent a lot of time talking with me and going over my medical records which I needed. We are planning to go for a VBAC after 2 c/s. He said that he supports it completely but that I am going to have to work hard to stay in shape, eat right, etc. He said this year he has had 2 successful VBACs after 2 c/s Biggrin He's not going to induce at all, and he is not worried if I go way past my EDD, but we will do regular NST after 40 weeks, which I think is totally appropriate.

We are back to my original EDD based on my LMP which is April 21st. The earlier u/s I got was not by my OB, so of course he gets final say. I'm going to plan to go to May anyways haha.

Other than that, babe is great and h/r was 164 Smile

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Sounds like you have a great dr that will support your goals! I know that can be hard to find! Smile Glad everything went good!

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Sounds like a great appointment! Glad you like your OB.

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He sounds like an AWESOME doctor!

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Sounds like a really great appointment. I'm so glad that you found a great doc who listens to you and is on board with what you want!! I'm trying for a VBAC this time too and my OB also said that he will not induce at all. I will have to go into labor on my own.

I'm glad you had a great appointment and I really hope you get your VBA2C!

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Glad you had such an awesome appt. Your dr sounds great!

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Yay for a great appt. and doc!

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Yay for a great appt. and a very supportive doctor!

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yay awesome finding a dr that supports vbacx2....hope you get it

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Congratulations! I go for my first appointment on Tuesday. We have a lot to discuss. I had csection for first who was breach and have thought about vbac. I'm a little worried because I am 42. It is nice to see that several of you are getting positive feedback on your option of vbac.