2 month immunizations...

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2 month immunizations...

Heidi had her two month immunizations today. It was ok, but never fun to see your little one upset. The first vaccination was oral which I've never had given before. It was fine but the look on her face was priceless because it was the first time she had tasted something that wasn't breast milk (or her hand!)

She is nearly 12 lbs and is off the charts for height and weight (at least the ones used by the public health here since I think I read someone here said their baby was 15lbs and still on the charts...) BUT when her height and weight are put against each other she is right at 50%, so that is good.

She had a really restless day, but is sleeping now,

Still can't get over how amazing, beautiful, wonderful she is and how deeply I love her...


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How long is she now? She is growing great!

I hope she sleeps real well tonight for you. I know sometimes after shots they can get fussy.

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Kole was 16lb 8oz at his 2 month and the pediatrician said he's in the 97th percentile, so I guess it's a different chart. Kole was okay with his vaccinations in the office but about 3 hours later he woke up from his nap SCREAMING and he cried the rest of the day. It was horrible. I even took him back to the ped's office thinking he was having a reaction, but they said it was normal. I hate shots.

I'm glad your LO is doing well and that she did good with the shots. I love a chunky, healthy baby!

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Different chart then ours as well. Emma was 13 lbs 4 oz and in the 90th percentile. She also got an oral vaccine, when my first 2 did not. It was for rotavirus.

Glad everything looked good for her.

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Sad I hate seeing little ones miserable after immunizations too! Sad ...but yay for chubby little babies!!! I'm still waiting for this one to chunk up like his sisters did...

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The nurse told me that the rotavirus one was brought in January for Canada, so all little ones will get it orally.

The growth chart used here is the WHO one for breast fed girls ... it is supposed to be quite accurate since it separates out breastfed vs. formula fed and was created using thousands of babies from 6 countries.. It is interesting that there is such variation amongst the charts. In the end though, it doesn't matter which chart as long as the baby is following one of the lines roughly, then everything is good!!

Seems like we have quite a few big babies on here. When my daughter was born, many of my friends who also had new ones were struggling with very small babies who just didn't seem to put on weight. So reassuring to see her growing and happy!


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Glad she's growing well, Heather!

I know what you mean about the big babies. My husband's cousin is struggling with a baby who is under the 5th percentile for weight and just won't gain. I almost feel a little guilty for having a chunky monkey.