2 month old appt & update

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2 month old appt & update

DJ had his 2 week old appt & shots yesterday. He now weighs 12lbs10oz, is 22.5 inches long, and his head circumference is 39 cm. At birth he was 5lbs14oz & 18 inches long so he is definitely growing. He can fit 0-3 month but they fit pretty well so I get him 3 month/ 3-6 month sized clothes.

He got 3 shots yesterday & one orally. Poor baby screamed so loud & turned bright red...broke my heart :(. He was in pain yesterday afterwards but we'be been using tylenol & he seems fine.

He also gnaws on his fist & slobs a lot, but the Dr couldn't feel anything underneath his gums yet. He is sooo close to rolling over, but he can't get his head to turn over yet lol.

Our pedi told us we can introduce solids at 6 months old since he is breastfed, but if he was formula fed we could at 4 months. What age did you ladies introduce solids?

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Wow he is growing! Des was only 10.5 lbs and 21 1/2 inches at 2 months. But hey that's awesome he's growing so well!

I hate the shots too.

With my first two they were mainly on formula (DD1 had BM until 6 weeks when my supply dried up and DD2 had it until 2 1/2 months until I got unmotivated about it). I gave them both solids by 8 weeks. With DD1 she had rice cereal at about 1 month and DD2 got it about 7 weeks I think. I also gave them fruit soon after. With Des though, since he is doing so well BFing I'm not giving any solids yet. I dunno when I will since he's doing so well on just BM. When DH gets back (at the end of June) I may ask him his opinion. We've both always heard the whole "solid food fills their bellies longer so they'll sleep through the night" thing, but Desmond is already doing real well at night (except when his tummy bothers him). He has been going down between 8-9 and gets up only once to nurse and then will eat again between 6-8. He usually gets up between 2-3 the nurse again. So I think that theory is out ha ha.

Shew, I wrote a lot lol. But I may try to solid food thing by 4 months. I dunno yet.

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yay for growth and boo for shots Sad always hard.

ds1 was exclusive bf, I think it was btwn 5-6mths when I gave him solid. Also if I remember correctly fruit (like banana) is recommended for bf babies b/c it's sweet like bm (whereas formula is bland so they recommend rice cereal)

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That is an awesome amount of growth! Way to grow little man!

As for giving solids, I offer cereal during the fifth month (my girls never really liked cereal, actually), and start giving veggies at six months. I hold off on sweet veggies and fruits until they've had veggies for a few weeks. My theory is that I want them to have a taste for veggies instead of refusing them, since they know fruit is sweeter. I've always read that babies' digestive tracts aren't mature enough to really digest anything other than formula or milk before 4 months, which is why I try to wait at least 5 months.

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Yay for good growing!

I started veggies with DS just before he turned 6 months. I will wait until that with Ella as well. Our ped said we could start any time after 4 months.

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Here the recommendations are to exclusively breast feed until 6 months. I did that with my daughter and plan to do the same this time. Can't remember exactly what the order of foods I introduced was, but I do know it was veggies before fruit so that the sweet stuff came after she was used to veggies. I've also heard the idea of giving solids to sleep through the night, but I've also heard that solids to early can upset their tummies and cause gas and no sleeping... Love it when the wives tales are around with completely opposite advise!!!
Glad to hear he is growing and sleeping well!


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Yay for good growing!

We are a little odd and waited until 8 & 7 months for our boys to start solids. I'll probably wait till 7 months again this time as just EBF until then.

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Thanks so much for the responses ladies! Sorry I've been MIA, just been busy job searching & getting my 3 yr old set for school this fall. I am going to post a few photos of DJ on here when I get on my computer. I think I'll start with vegetables first too because I learned my lesson with my 3 yr old. He pretty much refuses any vegetable. Occasionally he will ask for some of me or his dad's salad, but not often. I just hope I don't end up with two picky eaters although I question how picky my son really is. I forget that he will eat vegetables if other kids are. I've definitely been enjoying my time not working & bonding with DJ. I like the fact that we aren't crowded this time around because that was a pet peeve of mine with our oldest son.