20 week scan!! (pics)

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20 week scan!! (pics)

Well Miss Kinsley is doing well!! I found out why ive been having issues with the spotting etc still!! I have a low lying placenta which means that my cervix gets irratated really easy causing the bleeding spotting while im at work or lift heavy things. My Dr. wants me to not work!! How the hell am i to do that? We need both incomes right at the moment. I guess i take it really easy at work and make them all my slaves... Ya thats what ill do and then not get anything done LMAO!! Kinsley weighs 14oz as well. On top of all this i have to find a new OB. Mine is moving her clinic to another state (2hrs away) So half way through my pregnancy i have to build trust with someone again. I know i will most likely have a C-sec since the town i live in the hospitals dont allow VBACS. Oh let the search begin. On a good note i got lots of pics and i get to go back one last time in two weeks for a free Visit!!! ill have to bring Caleb in and get pics with her and him!! Sad

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Glad you found out about the spotting! that's really good (that you found out).

Sucks about your OB but hopefully you find someone you really really like and trust. I think it's important to find one you really trust.

And yay for another visit soon! Love your pictures and I love her name!

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I'm glad you found out what's causing the spotting. Good luck working that out at work, though they should respect doctors orders in regards to your health.

Yay for a free visit, but that sucks that your OB is bailing on you halfway through the pregnancy. I hope you find a really good OB really soon!

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Glad you found out what was causing the spotting! I hope that you are able to find a good OB soon.Thanks for sharing your ultrasound pictures & I agree about her name!

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Sad well.... sounds like it was good to get some answers, but bummer deal that their recommendation was to stop working. Hopefully you can keep going without any additional problems. I too am a fan of her name! Smile

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Yay for finally getting a reason for the spotting! I bet it gives you a little peace of mind knowing what the cause is. Bummer about your OB moving. I hope you find someone just a great.