20 weeks!!

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20 weeks!!

I made it!!!! After my m/c in June, this is an awesome feeling!!! Now just need to make it to viability.....then full term! Keeping my eyes on the milestones!!!

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Yay for getting to 20 weeks! There's something to be thankful for this week!

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Yahoo congrats on 20 weeks! Halfway there!

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Funny that you mentioned that the next milestone is viability... I was thinking the exact same thing this morning! Congrats on making it to 20 weeks!!


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Congrats for 20 weeks!

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Yea for the halfway point!

I agree with everything I been going through I have been praying just for me to make it to 25 weeks.

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[INDENT]Congrats! I know what you mean! You almost hold your breath, not allowing yourself to know it's real yet... [/INDENT]

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Congrats on the halfway mark!