22 week belly pic

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22 week belly pic

Here is my 22 week belly pic!

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Wow! You look fantastic! You are a tiny thing, and with that perfect round belly. I have to say, based on the belly pics I've seen from our April ladies, there are some gorgeous bumps here!!

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I love your bump!

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Totally a cute belly!
I'm also loving your little turtle lamp thing next to the sink. Its like she is watching you...lol

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cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute perfect and compact belly!!!

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I look like I'm carrying trips! Your belly is so cute Biggrin

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Thanks so much ladies! Smile I feel so huge, but everyone always tells me how compact my stomach is lol. The turtle thing is hilarious. I didn't even realize it was staring at me like that until after I took the picture hahaha.

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Awww you look amazing tiny lady! LOL

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Lol thanks a lot!