27 week belly pic

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27 week belly pic

Sorry forgot to post this the other day. My son says in response to this picture hey mom...look at your shirt, you got fat. Lol...I told him thanks a lot son & at 2 years of age we have to work on him being nice already.

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Aw you have a tiny bump! So cute!

My DD2 (who is also 2) likes to pat my belly lol. Then when I point to it and say "baby" or "brother" she points to hers and says "baby" lol. She sometimes even lifts up my shirt to compare!

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Aww you have such a cute tiny belly! My youngest uses the "fat belly" thing too, but she doesn't say it in a bad way, she knows it's cause the baby is in there lol

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You totally have a cute little belly!

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Lol thanks a lot ladies! I always forget how rowdy my son is at times and I made the mistake of telling him that his brother was kicking him and he hit my stomach back lol (softly though). I said oh no, don't hit your baby brother! Then he said, say sorry Kayden, don't kick me anymore hahaha. I get plenty of laughs with him. It's funny because I feel huge and so uncomfortable already. My ribs and back are in constant pain all of the time =/