28 week belly pic

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28 week belly pic

Since I'm 28 weeks today, I thought I'd take and share a belly pic today. I am WAY bigger than I was with DD at this point.

I also had my 28 week appointment yesterday (1/12). Everything was good. My OB did end up checking to see if I was leaking fluid, but I'm not. I only gained 4 pounds this time, so that was better. I did do my glucose and nobody called today so I'm assuming I passed, unless the didn't get the results yet. I also got my Rhogam shot, which hurt worse than the blood draw. Anyway, things are going well and I'm now entering the stage where I'll only get way bigger way faster! I'm going to be as big as the Hindenburg before this kid gets here. Blum 3

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You look great, and I'll be right there with you, on the Hindenburg! Smile

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I HATE the rhogam shot!!! Lol I've had it like 6 times now. I'm hoping this LO is a negative blood type so I don't have to get it again. Lol.

Loving the belly pic too BTW!

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Great pic! I'll be in the same boat. I'm measuring way ahead and of course they are throwing around "big baby" mumbo jumbo!

Keeping fingers crossed that you passed your glucose test!