2nd trimester - is it official?

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2nd trimester - is it official?

I asked my doctor his opinion on when the 2nd trimester really begins. He said it's halfway between 13 and 14 weeks - so I think I'm just about there! Yahoo

I'm soooo thrilled. Biggrin I can't believe I made it through the first trimester without completely losing my sanity! It was really hard for me but I'm starting to believe that it's real, especially after Monday's ultrasound. There's so much to look forward to now and hopefully I won't be so worried/negative going forward.

Who's with me? Who else is in the 2nd trimester now?

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Yep I always heard it was 13 weeks and 3 days!!

Yippppeeeeee!!! I'm not there yet, but congrats to ya Biggrin

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yay 2 and a bit more weeks for me

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Awesome! I'll be there the middle of next week! I'm glad its not what I read that said 15 weeks was the beginning of the 2nd tri!

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Welcome to the 2nd trimester! Enjoy your ride Wink