2w checkup

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2w checkup

quick update for Adam's (almost)2week checkup.

his weight has been crazy, he's a bfing superstar.
Birth weight 8lb3oz
1day old 7lb15oz (barely lost anything that they normally lose)
3day old 8lbs
5day old 8lb2oz
12day old 8lb12oz

they want to see .5oz/day average and he's averaging 1oz/day my chunky monkey

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Wow he's growing great!

It's weird seeing you making a 2 week check up when next week I'll be posting Desmond's 2 month check up!

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nice weight gain, little man! ...and Katie, I know what you mean! I look forward to a few months from now, when a few weeks isn't such a big difference, and we all have a few more extra minutes in our day. This board has been relatively quiet, since the babies are all here!

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Yay!!! Good gaining!

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Great growing!