30 weeks today - 10 weeks or 70 days to go. WOW!

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30 weeks today - 10 weeks or 70 days to go. WOW!

Where is the time going????

Anyone else feel like this pregnancy is just zooming by? My others seemed to take SO LONG!

Went to the lab today and got my blood sucked now waiting till Wednesday for results (I HATE THAT) and they will NOT give me my results directly from the lab at all, they will only release results to your health care provider so I will have no way of knowing what the paperwork says until I call the MW. I tested my sugar before leaving the house and it was a nice 89 and 90 (I always use two strips to make sure the thing is not on the fritz). I did cheat on the fasting, but I ate a small piece of meat and some salad about six hours before the test cause I was literally feeling faint from not eating. Not to mention the monster headache. I didn't really sleep either (maybe got two to three hours) and that is only because I ATE something. At least it wasn't like when I went in the other day where I had eaten a huge meal w/carbs and coffee w/sugar LOL

How do you guy's manage to fast for 12 hours while pregnant without getting totally ill?

Well, at least it's done. In reality I am mostly concerned with my antibody screen. The joys of RH- LOL

I also think I got performance anxiety, I COULD NOT PEE!!!! Funny I got home and there were gallons. I think I left them with under 1oz of a sample HAHAHA

Okay I'll stop babbling and see if I can get a 30week progression pic today.

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I always just stop eating by 8pm and get to the lab first thing after dropping off my son at 730. I bring an apple or banana along and scarf it down asap once the blood is drawn!

Fingers crossed for good results Biggrin

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Ugh I remember having to fast for the 3 hour and it sucked so bad. I made sure to stop eating at 9 PM because I had an appt at 9 AM (of course they ran late so I didn't get my first blood draw until 9:30 or so).

I brought some water to sip on and made sure that that kind of kept me full. I read a book to try and keep my mind off it but when DH picked me up I made him go to Subway and I got a foot long sub and some chips (or cookies, can't remember) and scarfed it down lol. It's really funny to me that the only time I can eat a foot long sub and STILL want more is when I'm pregnant. Usually I get a foot long and eat half then save the rest for later. Ha ha.

I hope you did good on the test! Although I'm sure you will!

I've had the whole "shy bladder" before and I didn't understand. I even pushed my belly down to try and hit my bladder lol. Nothing worked. I paced for a while and FINALLY at the end it came out, but not much. Lol I even ran my hand in warm water lol. That was with DD2.

I still can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone either! In 3 weeks I'm considered full term! AH!

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There's no way for me to do the fasting without feeling really blah by testing time, either. I haven't been tested for it, but I'm pretty sure my blood sugar dips easily. On one hand, at least I don't have to worry about diabetes, but I get REALLY cranky, tired, light-headed, etc. After three weeks of pretty much blowing it off, I called the doctor to ask about whether or not the increasing fainting sensation was "normal." Their advice: eat more protein throughout the day, but especially first thing in the morning.

....and OMGoodness I looked at DH earlier today & told him that if we go through with the scheduled c-section as the hospital wants, it's 5 1/2 weeks away. HOLY COW!!

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I was STARVING lol my head was exploding but I don't go to bed normally till around 3am and I'm usually up by 9 at the latest (depending on when the kids get up - they usually sleep a solid 10 to 12 hours), so fasting from early evening was just HORRID.

On a good note, the midwife called a little while ago and she was being her normal down to earth "how are you feeling" self and was NOT freaking about the glucose thing. I gave her my 5 day monitoring #'s and she was really happy w/those! Guess they did count after all!! LOL Since I didn't totally fast she said as long as my # is under 150 on the blood she will not freak again. Apparently she called the lab and they did confirm this particular test does "test high" especially if you eat before! She also said that the random glucose she normally does is part of the regular pre-natal profile except they no longer include it, so I guess now she knows it IS a different type of glucose test. That is relieving too.

Crossing my fingers for an under 150 - which I can't imagine it being higher since my #'s at home were low. I asked what we would do if it was around the higher end and she said she would simply consult with the other midwives at the conference in a week and show them my home-testing numbers and get a second opinion on weather we should test again or do home monitoring or just leave it alone.

She did a drastic flip back to normal MW that I loved so much. We'll see what happens tomorrow but so far so good and I was very relieved that she called to check on me and was all sunshine and rainbows as usual and just told me to stop freaking so my BP doesn't start to fly too LOL Crossing my fingers she will stay happy and sunshine for me so I don't have to go switching. I am however going to ask for receipts of what I have paid so far and how much is left to pay so "that I have it for tax purposes" and look into what medicare pays them vs. what they normally charge cash patients -- just to get that crap off my mind now too.

-- Amanda WOW 5 and 1/2 weeks is nothing and Katie -- HOLY CRAP full term in 3 weeks!!!! Hahaha glad I'm not the only one feeling like it's flying by!

I am going crazy crocheting for baby. Mom is making a ton of stuff too -- we are all in full baby mode here now! Well, I have to get off this chair cause it feels like baby is going to rip out of my tummy she is doing pirouettes in there! I'll be back xoxo