33 Week Ultrasound

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33 Week Ultrasound

It was so great to see baby girl again! The tech said she only looked a few days ahead...but the ultrasound machine said 34w5d? Clearly if you check my ticker that's almost 2 weeks ahead.....I dunno, will see what the OB says next week at my "34" week appt. BUt the tech reassured me she's still very much a girl and the heartbeat looked awesome.

The tech also had her baby at the same hospital told me she loved her hospital experience so that was nice to hear too. We go for our tour on Monday to see the OB ward, I can't wait!

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Sounds like a good appt! Glad you got to see your little one again and that she's still a she!

When I went in for a u/s back at 21 weeks mine measured about a week ahead and they never said anything about it. They just always say he is measuring good.

So I just go with as long as the baby is growing and measuring good than there's nothing to worry about. Smile

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isn't it fun to see them again??

At my appointment on Wednesday, I was told baby girl is measuring about a month ahead... the EDD on the machine was March 7th... I wish!! (my actual EDD is April 2) I've definitely got a big bruiser in there!!

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Smile Love to hear the great news!

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YAY for getting to see your LO again!!!! Glad she is a nice size already Smile

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Glad your appt went well and glad that you got to see your baby girl again! Smile