34 week update :)

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34 week update :)

Was a boring one!! I guess my numbers have been too high in the morning to im so up my dosage on my GD meds... I think i will leave them the same and just try and eat better since last week was a bit odd. I go again next week and then for my 36 week appt(which i will be a day shy of 37 weeks) for an U/S to measure Miss Kinsley. Im not wanting to have her then cause i would be in the hospital on EASTER and i would rather play with Caleb on easter and go on an egg hunt with him. We shall see tho its up to her right??? Things are going to fast now its crazy.

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It really does seem like the last few weeks goes between the speed of thick mud, and lightning fast!! I hope your GD lays off a bit!

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Yay for a boring appt!

Yes, I agree. This past week has seemed to drag on and when I said something to someone they were like "You know, it's only a day away" but it seemed like forever away.

Hope it speeds up for you!