35/35 week appt (turned 36 weeks Saturday!)

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35/35 week appt (turned 36 weeks Saturday!)

So I had my NST last Wednesday and it went okay I suppose. They just scheduled me for my next one this Wednesday at the same time (1:30). I'm still having contractions, but they haven't really been close together although some of them can take the breath out of me if I'm walking or doing something.

34/35 Week Appt
Not sure how, but I've gained 4 pounds since the previous week :o but I think that had to do with me being in the hospital and having some fluid retention from having the IV during my entire stay. I had some swelling in my ankles, but now they are completely gone. Blood pressure was 94/50 and he is still head down thank goodness! Only 25% effaced as well. My Dr thinks I may have him by the end of March, but did say we'll talk about what the plan will be if nothing happens by April 20th. I shudder even thinking I'll still be pregnant by that date lol!

Other ramblings...
I'm wondering if I'm getting close to meeting baby boy because lately no food at all has really been sitting right with me and when I do eat, I can't handle much food at all. Honestly just a cup of food total a day and I feel full a day long. I've also started back being nauseous and having some slight cramping and diarhhea (sorry for the tmi). Just has me curious because this is exactly how I started out before I went to the hospital to have Kyren. I only have 5 more days left of work to go with my last day being April 3rd (down to working 2 days a week instead of 4). I am just ready to be done being pregnant.

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Wow you're a strong woman to still be working after everything!

Sounds like things are going good! I can't believe you may soon be holding your little one! I can't believe how close we've all gotten now!

Hopefully you're able to eat again soon. I've been going through that off and on where nothing seems to fill me up and then other times I just can't eat anything. Not too much longer!

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Thanks, I hope I'm not trying to do too much by deciding to work. I'm already so tired, but I think I can handle it. I hope I'm able to eat soon too. It seems weird for me to only be able to eat once a day otherwise it comes right back up like I'm overeating. I can't believe how close we all are to delivering either! April isn't far away at all!

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I'm glad your LO is still baking for you. No fun having contractions like that for so long. I'm sorry you are dealing with that. Do you have a pretty short torso? I'm like that with food at the end also and I'm sure it is because there is literally no room left in my 5'1" frame. A couple of bites in and I'm done. Try to spread your food out and eat smaller snacks throughout the day.

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I'm glad you are still baking the little guy!! He's in much better shape to be born at this point. Yahoo for 36 weeks!!

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hopefully after everything you've been through he doesn't wait till 40w Smile Hopefully all those signs are good ones for a soon arrival

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regardless of how much longer it takes, I'm glad he has at least waited til he'll be happy and healthy on the outside! Smile I can totally relate to the "done being pregnant" sentiment!!

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I agree, I'd rather him be healthy so I don't mind, but hope he decides to show up soon Smile Joy yes I do have a pretty short torso. I've always wished for a longer one so I can feel like I look nice in certain shirts. I'm 5'3". I am definitely at the point where after a few bites, I feel like I've eaten an entire four course meal or something lol. Glad to be hitting 37 weeks this Saturday!!

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Yea for baking him this long. Smile I totally feel you about being done!! I am too!