36/37 week appt

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36/37 week appt

Boring appts (yay) ...

I had 2 appointments last week, a 36 week growth u/s, and then my regular weekly NST & OB checkup. The u/s went fine, baby boy is totally on track. Same with NST and OB checkup. As of last Fri, my cervix is completely closed and hard. Also, he has dropped quite a bit and has his head firmly wedged up against my bladder (ugh).

We are going to set the induction date for 4/16, which is 6 days before my due date (4/22). You probably don't remember, but I'm being induced because of a blood clotting issue, for which I need to do daily injections of blood thinners (only during pregnancy and 6 weeks post-partum). My OB now switched me to a different blood thinner regimen - going from a stronger dose once daily, to a lower dose twice daily. This is in case I go into labor on my own, I'll have less blood thinners in my system.

I've been having a lot of Braxton Hicks lately. They are intense and weird to me. I don't remember them from before. I also continue to have a lot of discomfort and more pain down there, so I'm resting way more than I want to. I can't wait for the 2 weeks to be up! And, I won't be surprised if he comes early, either.

Here is my 37-week (Term!!) pic:

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Yay for a borning appt.! Love your belly, it is so perfect and pointy!

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Yay for setting a date! Ugh on the bladder situation though! That's no fun!

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You're set to be induced on my birthday! How cool lol.

I love your bump. Hopefully your LO will move off your bladder soon! Also, yay for a boring appt!

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