36 week appointment

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36 week appointment

I had my 36 week appointment this morning. Dr did the GBS test and I'll get the results of that next week. BP is good, baby is looking great, weighing between 5 and 6 pounds, amniotic fluid level is good, cervix is still closed which I'm fine with since I'm not quite full term....baby is still breech though. Sad She's still got three weeks to turn, but I'd really like it if she would go ahead and do it now. Any thing that I can do to help her turn??

So I was going to run some errands on my way home and the first place I stopped was the post office. Of course there was a long line.. I had only been standing there a couple of minutes when I got this extreme pressure down there and nearly peed myself. I swear it felt like LO was about to fall out right there!! She must have some strong legs!

I'm thinking it's probably about time for a nap now!

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Ah I've had the nice pressure a lot lately and I almost pee myself too. Although lucky for me it's always been at home.

You said you have a pregnancy ball right? I think you can look up exercises that you can do that's suppose to help encourage your LO to turn. I've actually read that there have been some babies who turn head down just before labor. But I hope she turns for you soon! Did your OB tell you what could have been the problem last night with that huge contraction/cramp?

I have the problem that mine likes to roll around and if I go into labor and he won't turn where his back is up instead of down then there's a good chance I'll have real bad back labor and possibly a difficult and painful vaginal delivery (according to the dr).

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Glad it was a good appt. other than finding she was still breech. There is a great website that can give you some advice on things you can do to encourage her to turn. Its a lot of info so you'll have to take some time to look around some.


And ouch to the feeling like she is going to fall out pelvic pain. I hate that feeling.

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Yes, I have a yoga ball, and I think my hypnobirthing book may have some suggestions on what to do. I'll also look into spinningbabies.com.

Unfortunately the dr said they were probably not contractions but just LO smooshing my intestines.