36 Week Appt Today

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36 Week Appt Today

I'm 1 cm dilated and 50-60% effaced. While I'm happy that things are moving along, if I learned anything from my first pregnancy it's that I can't let myself get too excited at this point-- I was 2 cm dilated w/my daughter for the last 3-4 weeks of my pregnancy, and even then I went 4 days overdue! AND, even after 14 hours of labor, going fully into transition/thinking I was going to die, we arrived at the hospital to discover I was a measly 4 cm dilated and ended up going 7 more hours before she was finally born!! Oy.... trying not to think about that too much-- I've already begun talks with this baby that he needs to be a bit more timely than that. Wink

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At least you're starting to dilate, even if it's only 1 cm! I figure that's better than being tightly closed!

Hope your little guy comes quicker than his sister!

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I've got my 36 week appt tomorrow, I don't know if my Dr will start checking or not. I'm curious, but also don't want to get disappointed if I'm not dilated any. My husband and I have been walking almost everyday so I'm hoping that might help some.

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Exciting to be moving along, but learning the fine art of patience is NO FUN! I am HORRIBLE at not allowing myself to get too excited! I hope things go smoothly for you, regardless! Smile

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At least something is happening, even if it doesn't mean a whole lot right now. My OB offered to check me at my appointment yesterday, but I said no because I didn't want to be disappointed if nothing happened or feel to excited if something was happening. I'm not so sure I can say no again next time, since I'm super curious!

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well glad things are moving at least, hopefully 2nd baby will come faster (I know I'm hoping that even though my labour wasn't overly long I walked around 2-3cm for almost a month)