36w appt

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36w appt

Had my GBS test which was odd b/c unlike with ds (where I had an OB) I had to do the test :/ Not sure I did 100% but oh well haha

Midwife said starting 38w they'll check me and offer to sweep membrane if I want (haven't thought about that so not sure what I'll do). Blood pressure sounded really low to me (something like 90/50) which I've never been.....always low but still in the 100's but she said "nice and low".
Hmmm I think that's about it....oh 2 more days of work BiggrinBiggrin

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Weird that they wanted you to do the test. hopefully you did it right!

You're almost full term! Yay! If I had made it to my next appt I was going to have my membranes swept because I was so miserable and was done being pregnant. With my girls I wouldn't have had it done, but with DD1 I never really had problems (except with heartburn) and with DD2 I actually wanted her to stay in longer! Lol. But that was partly due to me wanting to work 2 more weeks to get a little extra money (we were living paycheck to paycheck and didn't have much saved).

Anyway, glad you're almost done with work, I'm sure it'll be nice to try and relax some at home before your LO is here!

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Yay for only 2 more days of work! Sounds like a good appt.! I've heard of some ladies having to do their own swab but never done it myself. When I had it done 2 weeks ago though it was pretty basic and I remember thinking that I could have done that myself so you likely did a great job.