38w3d appt

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38w3d appt

Back from my appt, chose to get checked but declined stretch and sweep

While my appt was uneventful I'm still disappointed in it. Seems I'm 2cm however being slightly open is very common for 2nd preg, cervix is still pointing back and apparently it points down when labour is near and pointing forward during labour. Of course that doesn't necessarily means that labour is not near but it certainly doesn't appear to be.

oh well, still having sinus issues so I guess I'd rather have more time to get better

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hope your sinus problems clear up before LO arrives!

That's good for a boring appt and hopefully labor will come soon!

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Good appt Smile Not long now!

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I just spent Saturday night at a birth. Upon check in to the hospital the momma was actively contracting on her own around 4 minutes apart, dilated to a 3 and cervix stayed facing her back until just before transition hit. Mine did the exact same thing during early labor (about 8 hours of it) until I got to a 6 during active labor. I really think it depends a lot on where your baby is sitting and where your cervix tends to sit, not so much where you are in regards to labor. Obviously it has to pull forward at some point LOL but for some of us, it can do it fairly quickly!