3d/4d Ultrasound

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3d/4d Ultrasound

I am getting one tomorrow to find out the gender... Lets hope he/she cooperates!

So are any of you planning on doing 3d/4d ultrasounds?

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It's not covered by insurance here and it's $200 or so. We didn't do it for DD so we probably won't do it for this one, unless we can't determine the sex when we do the big anatomy u/s in November.

I look forward to seeing yours, and hope your little one cooperates and lets you know whether you need to be going pink or blue! How exciting that we are already starting to find out the sex of our babies!

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Our doctor's office doesn't do them I believe. And I'm too cheap otherwise lol

Can't wait to see pics!

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We got a few 3d/4d pics at our NT scan - so cool! I hope you get to find out the gender!

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Nope, I just get a regular sonogram, but how exciting to already be finding out the gender of your baby!

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Nope I most likely won't get one done. We didn't get it done with either of our other kids and the closest one around here I believe is like an hour or more away. I'm really hoping to be able to tell the sex of the baby when we get our scan done, but if not I don't know if I'll get it done or not.

I love how those look though and can't wait to see pictures!!!

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EXCITING! I'm not doing one, just because I don't have the money to spare Sad Now, if my big u/s next month doesn't reveal gender for some reason, I may do everything in my power to come up with that money.. LOL I do have my regular OB appt tomorrow, and they have a VERY good quality u/s machine in office. Crossing my fingers doctor uses it, and gives me a peek!

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We got to see the 3D/4D stuff with the u/s we had with DS2 since we had to go to a private place anyway. It was pretty neat. Can't wait to see pics from your scan tomorrow!

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We had a 3d/4d with my son and it was really cool! We loved the experience I just wish I would have done it earlier and a few more times. Well I found a place that does gender determination 3d at 14 weeks and then if they can't see what it is you can go back for free, so we are going tomorrow. I am excited, it is actually cheaper then the last u/s I had at the "specialist office" so I can't complain.

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We aren't getting one done. I'm still not completely convinced that ultrasounds are healthy for the baby so we will be getting only one ultrasound done in the entire pregnancy. I wouldn't get any done except if there is something unexpected with our child, we would want the opportunity to be prepared for the baby's arrival. I don't know if I am completely paranoid about these ultrasounds, just can't figure out why to take a chance when we want to be surprised with the gender anyways. Bit of a downer message, but that is my honest feeling at the moment. Going to be a huge surprise in April and that I am very very very excited to be looking forward to!!

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Once i get to 16 weeks my dr does one 3d/4d u/s free of charge Smile They have the machine and last pregnancy i got to 3d/4d each time i got an U/S ill have to post pics to show you ladies Smile

I believe i was about 30 weeks here!!!