3D face pic & regular u/s face pic

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3D face pic & regular u/s face pic

I was so happy to see little man on the screen today. I just smile, staring at that face - there's nothing like seeing your own little one like that! Test results were all good, I got good news about how my blood issues relate to my children (they're not very at-risk for much of anything, and the combination of my disease and IF they got their paternal grandmother's blood disorder, it would have shown symptoms if it were a big deal by now.

We've gotten other household information and financial news lately, and decided we're waiting another few months to move, to save money. Still looking to replace my car by March too. I'm looking forward to a more laid-back couple of weeks before next term starts! Smile

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That's great news about the tests, nothing like worrying about passing something on.
Sorry you have to wait to move

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I love the face pictures!

I posted on here last night but apparently it didn't take (shakes fist). Ha and I'm so tired I don't remember what all I wrote. Gah!

However, waiting to move sucks, and I hope you do get to replace your car. My DH said he wants to wait until he's out of the military (in 3 more years) before we get a 2nd vehicle (WHAT!!!)

Congrats on getting to see your handsome man again!

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Great pics! I'm glad everything came back good with the test results.

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I love how well the facial features show up. No matter how many years go by since US technology has been around, I'll never get over the wonder of it LOL

Beautiful baby boy! So glad everything is looking good.

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Awww, love the ultrasound pics! I am glad you got good test results back too. I know that has to be a sigh of relief for you.