4 month stats and rash diagnosis...

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4 month stats and rash diagnosis...

Lucas had his 4 month checkup today.

Weight- 15 lb 4.5 oz- 60th %ile
Height- 26 inches- 80th %ile

He absolutely hated his shots, and screamed like a maniac. His pediatrician thinks he has eczema, which is what the rash on his face is.

She also gave us the all clear to start solids. Has anyone started them yet? I think we are probably going to wait at least another month. Possibly 2. DS1 started at 5.5 months.

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Sorry to hear about the possible eczema. I was suspicious that Kole had it for a while because he had red patches of dry skin on his legs, but it has weirdly cleared up since. Sounds like an overall good check-up.

We have let Kole taste a couple of baby foods, but he hasn't really eaten anything. We're just kinda letting him taste some of the baby food, but are in no rush to actually get him to eat any of it. My pediatrician is old school and still recommends the rice cereal, "because it's iron fortified" :roll:. I hate the rice cereal and we skipped it entirely with DD and will do so again. Rice cereal just makes me angry. It just turns into glucose as it's digested, so it's like feeding them pure sugar. I don't care that it's iron fortified! I'd rather just feed my kids naturally iron rich foods! Sorry to get on my little soapbox there.

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We've given Des applesauce and the other night I gave him some squished pears that he loved. But I don't do it regularly, only when he seems to stare at my food and reach for it. I'm going to start making my own food soon though Smile

When he went in for his 4 month the dr told us we could start solids if we wanted, but they recommend starting them with cereal so they get the hang of eating with a spoon. Ha he already knows how and does well Smile

Poor Lucas. I hope it clears up. My niece has it real bad on her face and certain foods irritate it worse. They had to put a bunch of creams on her whole body all the time to try and help clear it up. She has mostly out grown it. She's 2 1/2. But her case was very extreme.

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We have not started solids yet and will wait till 5.5-6mths. DS had exzema bad and it was associated with his milk allergy. It was from the milk I drank and passed on to him through BFing. We did not discover the milk allergy till we started him on rice cereal with milk in it. He grew out of it by the time he was 2.5 yrs. DS's allergy reaction was never severe but he would spit it up and then get hives on his face. So just watch him for any allergy reactions, because it is rare but can be associated.

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Peyton and Lucas are just about the same size. We have started solids, he has had sweet potato's, banana's, and avocado. He hated Avocado!!!

Sorry about the eczema Peyton and Carter has it as well.

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We started solids this past week. She has oatmeal in the morning and carrots only so far at night. Going to introduce green beans and then apples. Apples just so we can flavor her oatmeal a bit. I like to get a good variety of veggies going and then do fruit. The fruit makes her morning oatmeal just so much more fun Wink