4 Months and Some Change

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4 Months and Some Change

4 months?!?! Seriously?! What happened here....I feel like I just found out I was pregnant.

Ty had his 4 month check up a week ago. He's 15 pounds 9.5 ounces (65th Wacko and 24 inches long (20th Wacko So, apprently I have short and stout kid! His legs are just so chunky.

Doctor said we could start on solids if we wanted to. I waited with DD until almost 6 months, she never seemed ready. But I feel differently with Tyler, he's just loves to eat so much. So, I bought some multigrain cereal to try out. We mixed some up on Saturday night and this kid was apperently born to eat. Not only did he open his mouth for the spoon, but he ate every bit of that cereal and not a drop left his mouth. I'm just amazed. DD didn't know one end of the spoon from the other, but Tyler seems to already know what to do. He seems much happier now. We don't give him much, but he seems to enjoy dinner time a bit more rather than just sitting there watching us eat Smile

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Ha ha I'm glad he likes to eat! I've given Desmond some apple sauce off and on because he would just watch us eat and give me a look like "where's mine?" and I felt bad lol. the other day was the worst...I was eating an MRE (lol I know) my husband left at home and I was sharing with the girls. Desmond watched me give pieces to both girls and then looked at me and smiled, looked at the food and smiled, then back at me and I felt terrible (of course I'm sure he wouldn't wanna eat that lol) so I gave him a big bowl of apple sauce and that made him so happy.

I'm glad Tyler is eating well! That's great that he's growing good too. And I love your new picture of your kids. It's so cute (as are they!)!