40w today :(

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40w today :(

I must say I'm surprised (ds1 was born 4days early). This kid apparently has NO desire to be born, last night he moved from feet in my left side to feet in my right side (AGAIN)! All he does is flip like that. Been feeling nauseous whenever I have to go out walking (like grocery store etc). All signs that I'd think it's starting and then nothing.

Getting tired of people asking me when baby is coming too

ok sorry for my vent, I know all the preg ladies left are either overdue or also pretty much at 40w too

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Hang in there. I will keep my fingers crossed that this baby comes today for you. Have you tried anything to help things along? sex, walking??

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Hang in there. Baby will be coming soon. I know it's hard to hit 40 weeks and be waiting. Treat yourself to a pedicure and a movie and enjoy a day of pampering yourself before LO arrives.

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I agree. Try not to think about it and do something nice for yourself before LO arrives. Esp because it usually never fails that LOs like to make their appearance when mommy is relaxing or not ready ha ha.

Hope you get to meet baby soon!

Also, I hated when I was asked "So, are you ever going to have your baby?" when I wasn't even overdue! I just responded with I was trying to get him to come lol. Of course there's nothing I could do, he came when he was ready.

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I would also vote for a nap, above all the other relaxing stuff!!! Smile

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I say either have a big cry and pity party session and get out allllll those emotions and then go eat a bunch of chocolate or whatever appeals to you, or try to journal it all out. I've seen that work for moms before.

I thought for sure that DS wouldn't go far past 40 if we made it to 40 at all. DD had come at 39 weeks on the dot and I had started labor at 38.5 weeks. Then what do you know, DS didn't come until 42!!! Then I thought I might get a little break with this LO. And here I am sitting at 41 weeks lol. I feel much more relaxed this time though because I didn't really have any expectations. I do get tired of being asked 50,000 times a day when baby is coming. But it's exciting that she gets to pick her birthday too! I have longer cycles normally, like a 38 day instead of the average 28 day menstrual cycle, and I am beginning to suspect that there may be a correlation between that and how long my babies like to bake.

Hang in there mama!

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thanks ladies

That's interesting about cycle Ariel....with ds1 I'm sure I was on reg 28d cycles but with this one it was very random something like 28-33d which was highly frustrating since we were ttc for a long time for this one and had no trouble with my first preg (m/c) then no probs again for ds1

I'll go in for induction a week Monday (so 41w2d) only b/c I was being "nice" to dh and the stresses at his work. mw schedules them between 41-42 (and prefer closer to 42) but the second half of the week is really bad for his work.

Funny story....I went into the bank this afternoon and one of the people there asked when I was due. I replied "well today" and she was surprised that I was in the bank haha. Not like I can put life on hold and say sorry bank, can't pay my bills because I was about to go overdue with baby and I was at home just waiting Smile