6 week appt

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6 week appt

We had our 6 week appt this morning, it was our last appt with our midwife and I'm sad about that. Such an amazing experience from the last time with an OB. Not that I didn't get along with our OB but these appts were different and the experience during the delivery was SO much different. Just by luck I had one mw for the majority of appts and we were lucky to have her there as the baby midwife but the one I had as the delivery one even though I'd only seen her a few times she knew my concerns/worries and was very focused on me and helping me where she knew I needed her

Adam is still growing well (and again still exclusively bf) weighing 11lb14oz !!!! I don't want to think what he'd be if I was using formula haha

Thrush is still around :mad: and with it being almost two weeks it's looking like the nystatin didn't work for us so after all that i might have to go the gentian violet route.

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He sounds like he's growing very well! Yay Adam!

I hope your thrush clears up soon. I couldn't imagine having it!

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sorry the thrush is sticking around (that's got to be miserable!), but happy to hear everything else is going so well with your little man!

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Way to grow, little man! Sorry about the thrush though Sad

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Glad to hear he's doing well, except for the thrush part. That's lousy. I hope it clears up soon.