6-week follow up

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6-week follow up

Remember how we had the weight gain issues and constant weight check appointments up until 2.5 weeks? Well, yesterday was Elijah's 6-week follow up appointment, and he is now 11lb 14oz (up from 9lb 3oz at birth)! I'm especially thrilled, since he's getting almost exclusively BM.. occasionally 2-4oz of formula a day. We only did 2 out of the recommended 4 immunizations, since we're spacing them out. The doctor says he's about average for height and a little above average for weight. Smile This is one happy mom, to be past all the drama!

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That's great! I'm glad he's gained weight and that he's growing well!

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Way to go!!! So good to have the weight gain issues sorted out! Yah to no drama!


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yay that's great to hear