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Last week I came to grips with the slim chance that DD1 will potty train by the time preschool (free for us since we teach at the school) starts in the fall, which means we'll pay double for child care.

Last night, after a week of growth spurts and night wakings, I accepted that it's highly unlikely DD2 will STTN by the time I have to go back to work in August. (We were lucky that DD1 STTN at two months old.)


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:bigarmhug: My DD didn't STTN till she was 10 months old. She woke up every two hours on the dot until then. . . it's much better when they sleep long stretches.

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None of our kids STTN until over a year, but I did not push it either. Do not give up on DD being potty trained. Just take a bit of a break and get back to it in a few weeks. We had the same thing with DS, I wanted him to go to nursery school but he had to be potty trained by September. We tried in June with no luck, took a break and started in August again and it stuck.

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My DD2 isn't potty trained yet either. And I'm really getting impatient with it because her new thing when she has a poop diaper is to stick her fingers in her diaper and rub poop all over her shirt (or if we're in the car, on the door and her carseat) (sigh)

Des sleeps mostly through the night sometimes, but not all the time. Sometimes he wakes up every 2 hours, other times every 4 or every 6. Although one night he actually did sleep through the night (from 9 or 10 until 530) and I was so happy (of course I wasn't rested though lol) I wouldn't worry about DD2 not STTN yet. Some babies do, others don't. Both of my girls took a long time before they started STTN all the time (DD1 was about 18 months I think, maybe even 2 years! and DD2 was about a year and it was as soon as she got her own room).