Adam's birth story

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Adam's birth story

Adam James May4th 8lb3oz -

Adam's crazy entrance...
5am water broke, 11am went to a different hospital 45min away where my midwives were stuck at another birth, 1pm discharged because I wasn't having cxn and apparently this can happen depending on baby position but I was not 7cm but just 4cm.
Planned to go to my hospital 8am next morning to get contractions started.
4 pm went to see Avengers, 5pm left Avengers (and yes got my money back),
5:20pm got to my regular hospital wouldn't go into registration room b/c cxn were back to back so dh went in there and nurse took me straight in. When she got to check I was 8cm I asked to go toilet but she said no she didn't want me to deliver on toilet haha 5min later I was 10m, 6pm my midwives actually made it. 6:43pm Adam was born. I think I pushed for approx an hour. It was SO different than ds1. With him pushing relieved my cxn but this time I was in more pain pushing.

So many things worked out for me. Had I gone to my hospital first where the mw weren't the ob there is not midwife friendly, he would have started drugs and wouldn't release me to mw care once they arrived. Even the nurses when i got there were super mw friendly and opted to not call ob for delivery right away and say "opps" if I delivered before they arrived haha.

How crazy, seriously only 30-45min of "ok this is labour and not just random cxn" before I started pushing. Pushing took longer haha
got my 2nd all natural (no drug) birth Smile

dh's phone pic

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He looks so little! And SOOO cute!

I can't believe you were back to a 4 when you got checked! How crazy! Glad you got the birth you wanted. Also, the hour of The Avengers you saw, was it good? Lol!

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AWESOME birth story!! I love it!!

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Great birth story! Congrats and WTTW Adam!

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Congrats, he is super cute. How is your other ds handling being a Big brother?

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Aww, he's so cute!
Wonderful birth story! I'm so glad the MWs made it and that once things got going it was a quick labor.

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congratulations!! Smile he's reallllly cute!!!

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He is super cute! Congratulations Smile