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Hey Ladies,

Just wanted to say goodbye. Unfortunately my journey is over for this pregnancy. My first numbers came back very low today and my symptoms have now disappeared. But no worries I am just glad to not be in limbo land anymore. I will still have to do another draw tomorrow just to make sure the number still go down.

I wish everyone a healthy pregnancy and I will try to stalk this board every once in awhile. Since I already have two kiddos I might be able to help with some questions that will arise in the coming months.

Hopefully my loss will be someone else's gain. It is always sad to hear about someone losing their "little beans" on the birth boards (there are always a couple of us on each hopefully I will be the only one for April 2012). And I already have two healthy and beautiful kiddos so I am in a good place mentally and physically. My dearest hope is that someone who has been struggling to get preggo finally gets that miracle answered! Because children really are precious miracles.

And I know if I want to really have another little one my DH will be on board. This pregnancy was an unexpected surprise while my first two were actually planned. So I think I will have better luck if we actually plan to have another one! Smile

Good Luck Ladies!


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Sorry to hear your journey has come to end. We look forward to continuing to hear from you.

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:bigarmhug: Kerri im sooo sorryyy!! Im still praying for you !! Are you going to keep trying for next month or are you going to take a break ?

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I'm so sorry. Sad

It sounds like you have a great outlook and are at peace with everything. Lots of T&Ps coming your way! :bigarmhug:

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So sorry to hear the news Sad Good luck!

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So sorry to hear that, but thanks for the kind words. Please visit us!

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I'm so sorry to hear. Good luck to you in the future.

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so sorry to hear this. Good luck to you in your future.

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So sorry! Lots of hugs:bigarmhug: