All this talk of nothing...

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All this talk of nothing...

... Going on down there and probably baking my LO until 43 weeks, and yesterday afternoon I started BH every 5 mins regularly for the whole evening. It was just the tightening and releasing feeling so I didn't think anything of it. I think I did this regularly for at least a month before DS came.

So I took a bath, and went to bed around 9:30 figuring they would go away once I slept. Well, at 11:00 pm I woke up to a very crampy contraction. They continued to come every 5-10 minutes waking me up until about 2:30 am when I finally fell back asleep for good to my hypnobabies track.

Maybe things are gearing up?! With DS, I started the nightly wake me up contractions about a week before I had him, and then they would fizzle in the mornings and kick back up in the evenings.

No change in CM though and I know that is a real good indicator of cervical change, so I can't wait to see some of that lol!!! Exciting Biggrin

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Could be gearing up for something! OR it could be par for the course for another 3 or 4 weeks Blum 3

Of course, I hope it's not just teasing and that it really is progressive, though even standard BH have a purpose. KUP! I'm so excited that we are all so close! I love waiting around to see who goes next, because you just never know!

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Same thing has been happening to me since Saturday. TMI - I'm feeling more discharge, but nothing noticeable like a plug.

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I hope you're gearing up for labor so your DH can be there! Maybe if you keep encouraging her to come she will!

When I was still pregnant (omg that sounds so weird to say!) for a week or two I stopped having a lot of discharge when I had been having pretty heavy mucus every day. When both my girls I never noticed a change in discharge throughout my entire pregnancy (and actually when I was pregnant with DD1 I never even had heard of a mucus plug! LOL!) And a few days before I went into labor with Des I had something like that happen, where I had contractions every 2-4 minutes for a few hours but then they just stopped. And 5 days later he came! So there's always hope!

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Sounds like things are gearing up! Just when you think nothing is happening too.

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hopefully not a tease and it's true close to labour gearing up Smile

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