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Almost There

Desmond is so close to walking. He stands up, then reaches for something and most times will put one leg forward and then he loses his balance and falls down. But today, a few times, he took two steps. AH!

I keep telling my husband that he will hopefully be walking before he leaves next month for training (he will be gone a few weeks) But at the same time, it's sad how fast he's growing up! He's my little boy lol.

(On another note, I have DH saying he will think about having another baby Smile Last time he said he'd think about it, we had HOPEFULLY lol Wink )

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so crazy that some are almost walking.....ds1 was walking by 9.5mths but seeing Adam at 7.5mths it's so hard to imagine.

WTG Desmond, I bet he's moving lots before dh leaves

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Yikes!WTG Desmond!