Alone Time

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Alone Time

Yesterday my partner took all four kids out.. including Heidi!! It was the first time she has been away from me since she was born, and it was only for an hour. It was soo nice to have just a bit of alone time, even if I did spend it do housework!

Are other people getting time away from their little one? or still with them 100% of the time? Just curious...


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Lol I went out for 30 minutes today...I never really relax lol.

I try not to leave Desmond if I don't have to. It makes me nervous to. Lol.

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Hubby and I left Cammi with my parents for 5 hours on Saturday! Yeah! We went shopping for ourselves (mainly me...hehe) and went out to eat. It was a lot of fun but we definitely missed our little girl.

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I have definately left Emma with either DH or my mom. Last Wednesday DH and I when to a Tennis tournament all day and left all the kids for 10 hrs. I missed her like crazy but it was good to get out with just DH. This is definately the earliest we have done that with any of our kids but she did good, she did not love her bottle but she took it and napped well.

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Kole won't take a bottle. At all. So he can't be away from me in case he needs to nurse. The best I've gotten is a quick run to the store for bread while they were both napping and DH was here.

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i don't go far from Adam b/c he's bf and no bottle. Usually it's me doing a trip out say to the store or something but I do get out for "fun" alone time when I run (although no I'm not having fun haha)