already trouble haha

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already trouble haha

Today I was at yoga and had just done a back bend and then the class when into corpse pose and I sit. Well the yoga teacher came over to me thinking something was wrong (I was pushing on my stomach)
Silly boy had taken advantage of the extra room and was pushing his foot further up into my ribs and I was trying to move his foot.

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Too funny! I find the baby finds so many more places to move around when I'm in yoga class. It's so fun.

Just as an FYI, though, I actually think back bends are contraindicated during pregnancy. Are you doing full-on wheel pose? I was able to do bridge until about two weeks ago so that one might still be OK. But in general you may want to back off on back bends in class. Smile What I often do when the class is doing bridge is sit in cobbler's pose with my back arched forward in a chest expansion. See what your instructor thinks about modifications too!

Oh, and for corpse pose ... I lie back on a bolster and it's sooooo nice. Try it!!

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Ha my little one last night shoved his foot in my rib and kicked really hard. It hurt! All of a sudden I was grabbing my chest in pain and DH was like are you okay?! I told him what LO was doing and he laughed.

I swear sometimes it feels like he does pull ups on my rib cage ha ha.

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awww I love when trouble makers show through at such an early age! I already refer to this little one as "your child" to DH, when he's kicking my cervix really hard or something. LOL

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My LO is a trouble maker for other reasons (except she does head but my bladder A LOT) she's kicked the cat when he was in my lap, and then she kicked DH one day when he had his head on my stomach!

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I had a yoga instructor one time who was still doing full on back bends at 8 months pregnant. That lady was amazing!! And she made it look even more graceful than most of the non-preggos Biggrin

I've got a personal training certification, and then general rule of thumb with pregnant mamas is that if you were doing something before you were pregnant (including long distance running, etc) then it is safe to do during pregnancy, unless and until it begins to cause discomfort. Athletes should pay close attention to their bodies and not push through that discomfort, but if it feels good and your body was already accustomed to it, then you are probably in the clear.

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LOL!!! So cute, baby was doing Yoga too!