Amanda (mommyof1.5) had her baby!

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Amanda (mommyof1.5) had her baby!

Elijah Nathaniel was born at 11:55 AM PST

9 lbs 3 oz

Welcome to the world Elijah! And congratulations Amanda!

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Congrats Amanda! He is super cute! I hope you have a very fast recovery!

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Congratulations, Amanda! He is darling! What a big boy :). WTTW, Elijah.

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I've been waiting for this update! Congrats Amanda! He's handsome!!!

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Awwww congrats Amanda!! He is adorable Smile

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Yay! I've been thinking about you today and wondering how things went. He's gorgeous! Congrats on your handsome little guy, and I hope you have an easy and quick recovery!!

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What a cutie! Congratulations and I hope your recovery is quick!

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Congrats Amanda and family and WTTW, Elijah! Hope your recovery is quick and pain free!

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Congrats! And WTTW Elijah!

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WTTW Elijah!

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congrats Amanda Smile speedy recovery

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Congrats! He is precious!!!

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Congrats Amanda! Hope you recover quickly. WTTW Elijah!

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Yahoo!!! Congratulations Amanda!!!

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Congrats!!! What a big boy!

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What a cutie! Congratulations!

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WTG!!! Congratulations Smile He is adorable and OMG what a BIG BOY!