Any Fave Preg Foods?

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Any Fave Preg Foods?

Here is a fun topic! What have been some of your Fave Pregnancy foods from the past or present if you have any cravings share Smile

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Coke! I wanted to drink coke ALL the time but I was pretty strict with myself because of the caffeine, it tasted SO good when I let myself drink it though.

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protein by 10 am every day or DD was gonna make me cry. Smile

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I wanted PB&J all the time.
And mcdonalds nuggets.
and pizza.
Oh and coffee... which I know were not supposed to have but... considering I was at work/school from 5am-11pm I figured coffee was better then crashing on the commute.. hehe

oh and I started to crave cole slaw, which i had never liked before, but now I like it. yum.

Nowonder I gained so much weight. Smile

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When I was preggo with Lexi I wanted pepperoni ALL-THE-TIME! Like I would buy 2 packages a week and I don't even like pepperoni!!! (hmmm...I think I know where my preggo weight came from)

With Zayne I had to have Fried Ice Cream! I would mexican resturant hop but pretty sure I had fried ice cream once a week.