Any other lazy babies?

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Any other lazy babies?

Anyone else have a baby who isn't rolling over yet? Lucas rolled from back to front once a couple weeks ago, and hasn't even attempted it since. He's perfectly content to just lay on his back and play with his toes.

His brother was rolling one way at 4.5 months and the other at 5.5 months. I know I shouldn't compare them, but it's almost impossible not to.

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A lot of times Desmond hates belly time lol. He also likes to just be on his back playing with his toes. He can scoot around (he made it to the DVR and was changing stuff on it lol) but he prefers sitting up playing with toys or in his walker.

he does get kind of lazy and screams instead of rolling over ha ha. But other than that he seems to try to move a lot. I think my husband wants him to be crawling lol but I know once he's crawling I'm going to be chasing him all over and breaking up fights when steals his sisters' toys LOL!

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Definitely have a non mover here!! Heidi has rolled.. yah! But only a few times and she hasn't yet figured out how to move her body to get somewhere, and I don't even think she realizes that she could move if she tried, because she just gives up instead of being frustrated by something out of reach. I just don't think she is going to be a crawler, I think she is going to bum scoot, and then walk. Of course time will tell, but she is really stable sitting and doesn't seem to have any interest in being on her stomach.


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Kole has rolled from back to tummy a handful of times and from tummy to back once. He's not particularly motivated to roll. Of course he's super chunky (23 lbs!), and I've read that fatties can have delayed mobility. However, he does seem motivated to want to crawl and get to stuff.