Anyone as crazy as me?

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Anyone as crazy as me?

And still peeing on sticks? LOL

I guess having 2 losses has put me on edge. I have no reason for peeing on sticks other than since I'm on progesterone, I'd have to stop taking it in order for my body to fully release. So I keep worrying that what if it's gone, but I'm still hoping?

Am I just weird? Pee'd on one this morning and it's crazy dark, so I'm content.

1 week from today I get to see the bean!

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I'm not anymore, but I definitely took 6 tests just to be sure after I got my first positive Wink

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Yup! After the initial BFP, I still POAS about 20 more times (I had a ton of IC's) just to make sure the line was getting darker!

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I kept testing for about a week and a half or so after my first BFP. I haven't tested since, though....until now....thanks for reminding me! lol. It was super dark!

I'm worried about a missed m/c as well. Now that I'm on progesterone supplements, I'm scared I won't even spot if the pregnancy has ended...:confused:

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Just had to go through those blue dye ones and get to the pink ones. Now I'm good.

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I think I took 8 tests in total plus two blood tests & I wanted to buy a digi just to see pregnant lol.