Anyone else SUPER emotional?

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Anyone else SUPER emotional?

This did happen when I was pg with DD, but I am SUPER emotional. I hate it and no matter how hard I try to control it, I can't. I am a crazy pregnant woman! DH was far more understanding with DD. This time he has no understanding or compassion for the hormones and that mean constant bickering, snapping at each other and then the silent treatment. It's completely miserable.

Anyone else's emotions all over the place? (I'm not asking for yours to be as extreme as my situation by any means! Smile Just wondering how everyone else is doing on the emotional/hormonal front.)

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Sorry that you're going thru that! Oddly enough, I was super emotional earlier on in my pregnancy, like break down crying for no reason, or just getting very upset at things that werent that bad. Besides getting teary eyed pretty easily, I'm not so bad now. I hope it goes away soon for you!

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Oh yes!! I used to enjoy the days me and dh had off together.. Not so much at the moment, we too argue and bicker and sometimes i wonder if he has any sympathy in him lol He gets that from his ignorant father... On that note my inlaws have made my emotions much more crazier... ahh i want to yell at them so bad but ive been biting my tongue dont know how much longer i can do that tho!

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I remember crying for no reason about things with DD1 and sometimes with DD2. This one I have been more angry than sad lol. although DH has said that I can't seem to take jokes well now and either get super mad or I cry. He told me I really need to try and calm the pregnancy hormones lol.

I told him I agree but I can't help it but I also hate how angry I've been! Part of it is stress I think but hey I'm pregnant, that's an excuse right? Ha!

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I am definately emotional. Last month I went into DS's class twice and both time I just started tearing up. I cried the whole time I was there over nothing. I was just over come by how well he is doing, listening, answering question and I was proud of him. I am tearing up just thinking about it. I know I am going to cry during his Christmas program this week. There have been other times when I have just cried over very little things and usually I am not an overly emotional person.