Anyone thinking of gender reveal ideas yet?

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Anyone thinking of gender reveal ideas yet?

My big ultrasound is on Nov 21st, so our plan is to reveal the gender (as long as baby shows the goods! ) on Thanksgiving. I wanted to do something different, and came up with doing a "treasure hunt". I'll leave clues and riddles that they have to follow, with the end reveal probably being the Ultrasound on Pink or Blue paper behind a picture on the wall of the kids. I'll have some easy clues so my 3.5 year old can play too, and some tough ones. I'm super excited! I think it will be a fun way to draw out the suspense of the reveal! I'll video tape at least the reaction and reveal, and probably post that on FB for everyone else!

What are everyone else's ideas? I'm so excited that we're getting close enough to start finding out the genders and thinking of this stuff!

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One of my friends last year when they found out the sex they painted their daughters room pink and at a family get together at their house they let them go inside to find out if it was a boy/girl. I thought it was really cool, she was sitting in the room with a video camera and recorded their first reaction when they opened the door.

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We're pretty sure we know what we're having (boy, according to our 13w ultrasound Lol but, I always wanted to make a cake with the inner frosting layer being pink or blue. I guess if it turns out we're having a girl after all, we can do that! Otherwise, it's anticlimactic. Blum 3

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This kind of sounds lame, but at the same time I thought it was a cute idea. I might video tape it too just for fun! Anyway, so I was thinking after I get my big u/s and HOPEFULLY find out I'd go to Starbucks and get a drink. Then instead of having them write my name on the cup, have them write "It's a _____" so when they call out my name, instead they call out the gender. Ha ha. If I can convince my husband to let me go to Starbucks I'm so gonna do that!!! We went today because they have the holiday flavors and I got a Pumpkin Spice one in the biggest size, and he drank most of it lol. I didn't even drink enough for it to be the small size! He doesn't want me drinking coffee. Aw so sweet (maybe)! Biggrin

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I like the cake idea. I think that's what I'm going to do. I really want to do something special to tell my DH, since he will most likely miss the appointment this time. Both time I got my BFP it amounted to me just making him come look at the test, so I really want to make it special for him. I like the cake idea, but I need an idea to tell the IL's that we can tell in person and my family who live far away.

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For her third baby, my friend looked away from the u/s screen during the "money shot" and had the tech write the gender down and seal it in an envelope. She then drove to my house and dropped off the envelope, which I opened after she left. Upon seeing it was a girl (they had 2 boys, so it was very exciting!) I made a pink cake w/cherry filling. That night, I met she and her whole family and some friends at a restaurant. After dinner, my friend and her hubby cut into the cake, so they found out it was a girl at the same time as everyone else. It was a really exciting moment! The cake I made wasn't ANYWHERE close to being as cute or fancy as the other one posted, but it did the job. Wink (FYI, I resized the pics, but photobucket likes to ignore my changes until hours later, for some reason.... sorry if they're huge.)


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Oh, I love that idea Ali! I wish I had someone around who could do that for me. And I didn't make that cake I posted I found it online and thought the idea was cute!

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My friend owns a cupcake shoppe and is going to make us cupcakes with either pink or blue filling. IN FACT WE won't even be finding out until we have cupcakes with the family after the big u/s. (the doc is going to write the gender on a paper and I'm going to take it to my friend so only the girls at the shop know the gender)
I scheduled the u/s yesterday for Nov 30th so we might be having the cupcakes at Zayne's birthday party (or the day after since everyone will be in town)

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I'm starting to cave on wanting to find out. You ladies are making it all so exciting!

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Those are some really cute ideas!

I know, it totally sounds exciting and makes me want to find out just so I can have a fun reveal. I'm still holding out though.