Appointment today

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Appointment today

Couldn't get a good shot of our bean b/c I have an anterior placenta, but he said it is not low-lying so it should move up as my uterus grows. We will schedule the big u/s at my next appointment, which is fine by me b/c DH will be gone until Thanksgiving and I don't want him to miss it.

I have lost 7 lbs since my last visit :eek: Crazy thing is, I have been eating whatever I want, and eating well. I also haven't been sick at all!

Heartrate was in the 140s and my b/p was 120/70, so we are trucking right along Biggrin

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Sounds like a good appt.! Sorry you couldn't get a good look at LO because of the position of your placenta. I'm glad its not low-lying either.

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Too bad you did not get to see your LO but glad to hear everything else is good.

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Sorry your couldn't see the little bean but really happy you had such a great appointment!

Hope that silly placenta is out of the way for your next appt!

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Sounds like a good appointment!

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Sounds like a great appointment!! Smile