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    Default Appointment today!

    So I had a great appointment today. Measuring 28cm at nearly 30 weeks so that is exactly the same as with my daughter. The doctor let my daughter take my blood pressure which was really cool... She had the stethoscope and inflated the cuff and got nearly the same reading as the doctor!! The baby is head down and wriggling all over the place. I was expecting a long discussion when I mentioned that I didn't want to do the GD testing, but my doctor just said that it was not a problem and only added a random glucose test at my blood draw. I guess if there is an issue there then i will take it, but I was so happy to have him just agree!! And since I hadn't been to the doctor since November, it was good to hear that the ultrasound was normal (even though I had assumed as much since they didn't call and ask me to come in to discuss it). Now I am on every 2 weeks which is ok, but seems a bit early. Seems like the weeks have flown by!


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    That's great that you had such a great appointment and didn't have to get defensive about declining the GD test. I know some women have had the doc or nurse play the dead baby card with them for declining the test. My OB start every 2 week appointments at 28 weeks, so I'm already there. I agree that the weeks have flown by. These babies will be here so very soon.

    Sounds like you have a very good doctor, which is great!
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    I'm glad you had a good appt and that your dr was okay with you opting out of the glucose test.

    That's cool that your daughter got to help at the appt. I bet that was fun for her! Whenever DD2 comes with me to my appts the dr includes her with the tests too. She thinks it's funny.

    Sounds like you have an awesome doctor!

    I think after my next appt I start every two weeks, but I'm not sure. Since this is my first time having a baby a at a military hospital I never know ha ha.

    Glad you had an awesome appt!

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    Heather, so glad you had a wonderful appointment!

    I get to go every 2 weeks starting at 28 weeks too, but glad the midwife comes to my house after week 32 so I don't have trek back and fro to her office. I agree, this pregnancy is going fast -- no matter how uncomfortable I feel right now it seems to be flying by.
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    Yay for good appointments!

    I started every 2 weeks at 28 weeks too. Where has the time flown. 30 weeks this week ugh!
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    I love appointments that are 100% great news!

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