Appointment yesterday...

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Appointment yesterday...

Another straight forward appointment! Baby is head down, and blood pressure, heart rate, etc are all good. Gained a couple pounds over the last two weeks so everything looks to be in order. I'm 37 weeks tomorrow and only measuring 34 cm, but it is up a cm from two weeks ago, so baby is still growing! (and I can't complain if it isn't huge!)

Serious Braxton-Hicks for the last week or so, so maybe we are getting ready! James is home from army, so we have made it long enough that the baby can come anytime!

Only problem now is that James has decided that he doesn't want our boy name anymore..... He doesn't want James as the middle name.. so now we are back in the name hunt game... and just to confuse me, he keeps throwing out girls names too!!!! I was so set on Tillie Rose and Toby James, but now who knows... Maybe Charlie ______ but that leaves the middle name which is the problem... soo frustrated by this whole name thing...


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Glad your husband is home! that's always good! And also, yay for a good appt and growing baby!

I kept asking DH if he was sure about our name and he said yes. Finally I decided since I like it so much I better not ask or else he may change his mind and I've already put his name on some things ha ha.

I hope that you and your DH can choose a name soon, but maybe you won't be able to pick a name until you meet the LO. Some times you just have to meet them before giving them a name.

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I love a good boring, uneventful appointment!! I don't think the size is anything to worry about, as long as he's growing. I think sometimes some doctors put way too much emphasis on that when every kids is going to be a different size, depending on genetics and other things. I hope you and DH can settle on a name. How frustrating for him to start second guessing names after you'd already agreed. I know as soon as I hit 37 weeks, I was telling my LO that he can come on anytime he's ready! Smile

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Glad your appointment went well. And I fully understand the name frustration. I thought we were settled as well and for the past week or 2 DH has be not so hot on our boy name and not very helpful on coming up with names (but then he was never great at thinking of names just agreed with me). And we are only 4 days away from meeting this LO. Hope you settle on something soon.

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yay for a great appointment, but BOOOOO at name drama at the very end! That can be soooo frustrating, to all of a sudden feel like you have something major not figured out!