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Appt/sono update

So, remember the eif I told you ladies about? The extra flap of tissue in his heart... Well, I had my appt and sono last Friday to see if it had disappeared on its own. It hasn't. Which rules out mineral deposits. Where we stand now is:

Best case scenario, it's an isolated event and at worse will turn into a heart murmur after birth. At best, it is just nothing whatsoever.

Worse case scenario, it's associated with a chromosomal abnormality, more specifically down's syndrome.

I have an appt on Monday the 13th with a perinatal heart specialist where they will do 3D and 4D ultrasounds to measure just how big the flap is. They will also look at brain, stomach, and face for any chromosomal abnormality markers. They will also do a fetal ekg through my stomach (how cool is that) to determine if it's interferring with regular pumping and if it's making any extra noises and whatever else.

Needless to say, we are pretty freaked right now but I'm very glad they are moving quick on the situation! Please, keep us in your prayers.

Aside from all this, I did my GD test...haven't received results yet. How long does that take? Also, baby is measuring pretty much on target. At my previous sono he was measuring 1-2 weeks ahead but is now measuring no more than a few days ahead. Whew!! LOL! I was nervous about pushing out that big ol thing. Anyways, his head is 10.5 inches around and his tummy is just little smaller. I always think this is neat to know because my OB will pull out her measuring tape and show me so it's neat to actually SEE it.

Anyways, I will update again when we find something out from the specialist! Wish us luck! And again, when should I find out the GD results?

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Sorry the flap is still there, hope it turns out to be nothing. Really glad they are getting you into a specialist ASAP though. KUP!
Lots of hugs and I am so sorry you guy's are having to go through all the added stress! Lots of hugs!

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Good Luck!

I know it is pretty cool the things they can do while you are expecting. They did a EKG of Laryssa while I was pregnant. She was born with a small heart murmur but it had disappeared by the time we left the hospital less then 48 hours after her birth.

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Glad they are doing more testing and hopefully it is the best case. Sorry you have to go through this, it has to be hard. We are awaiting results from our second US that could bring news like that, I understand a little bit. KUP

as for your GD results everywhere is differrent, some people get them same day and others have to wait a week. So hopefully soon.

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For the GD test, I had my results by the next day. If they haven't called you in a week I'd say things are good. With DD1 I believe it was a few days before I knew.

I really hope the flap turns out to be nothing. I'm glad they're doing whatever they can quickly to give you some peace of mind. I'll keep you and LO in my thoughts. (hugs) I'm hoping for the best for you and your family.

Also, it's good LO is measuring only a few days ahead. Mine is measuring about a week or two ahead (last I checked...get to find out Thursday if he's bigger, although it'll just be my uterus they're checking) and everyone gasps because I'm so little lol. Anyway, you never really know how accurate those things are with measurements!

KUP on how things turn out!

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I'm sorry that you're having to get extra testing done and that it's putting extra worry on you! I pray that everything goes ok and it's nothing serious!

As for my GD test, I found out the same day. I dont know much about the different waiting periods.

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Wow, that's a lot to take in. I hope everything turns out as best case. KUP

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I am glad they are getting you in to see a specialist. I really hope and pray that everything is okay with your baby. Not sure about the GD test results. I haven't taken mine yet, but will be at my appt on Thursday.

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That's a lot to deal with and I'm sorry that you have to worry about all of that. Even if it ends up being a heart murmer, I've hear that a lot of babies are born with those and they resolve on their own within the first year of life. Of course, we will all hope that it's absolutely nothing at all. Please let us know how the 3D u/s goes.

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Sorry to hear that the flap is still there and there will be lots of extra testing done. Its good that they are doing the testing but I know it has to be stressful for you guys. Hoping everything turns out well.