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Appt update :)

So after being told i have Gestational Diabetes, i didnt know really what the next step was. When i was pregnant with my son i took Metformin so they really didnt make me do the Glucose test etc. Well it looks like i will be poking my finger 4 times a day and trying to maintain my levels by diet. I did get to see Miss Kinsley today as well!! She is measuring a week and a half bigger. Since i have the GD they want my in every week to check my levels and also to do NST. I go back in 3 weeks for an U/S to check her size. I got a lot of pictures of her face but many are kinda dark and blurry looking. Here is one tho.

My son had the same cheeks in his U/S pics hehe!!

Does anyone else have GD, what have you done to help it? We will monitor my levels and if that dont work they are talking about injections and i dont know that i can do that as i hate SHOTS..

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Glad you got to see your LO again! That's always exciting! And it's cool you get to see her again in 3 weeks. And hey, maybe she will look like DS since he already has the same cheeks!

I've never had GD, so I can't help in that part, but GL and I hope you don't have to do shots either!

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"Angelshere" wrote:

Does anyone else have GD, what have you done to help it? We will monitor my levels and if that dont work they are talking about injections and i dont know that i can do that as i hate SHOTS..

I am a type 2 diabetic which they think is disappearing. I have changed my whole eating lifestyle though. I was a GD with my DS and I pretty much did the same thing I am doing now except I wasn't smart and went back to eating whatever I wanted when my ds was born... Bad decision. So what I do is I usually eat a bowl of ceral for breakfast and then lunch/dinner I will eat grilled meat with a big salad full of dressing Smile since that is mostly the only carbs I eat during the day my sugar levels are amazing and right now my A1C is what a normal person's is. My LO is measuring big but.. isn't fat at all the OB said he looks to be just a non diabetic's baby vs a GD/Diabetics.

Good Luck I know it is hard being on a special diet while pregnant, there are so many things that I would just love to have and of course since I have cut out so many carbs I can have that special treat once in awhile. I poke my finger 6 times a day, my fingers look like pin cushions. How did your body react to metaformin? I am allergic to it! I am off of all diabetic medications at this time which is great and I love it.

I love her Chubby Cheeks!!! Super Cute!!

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* Lurker*

I just had the 1hr test yesterday and my blood sugar was 192. The Dr said we won't even be doing the 3hr. My regular OB said (the one who did the test) sent me home with a monitor and told me to log everything and gave me a sheet to go by as far as how many carbs when and so forth. She said it wasn't set in stone that I had it while the perinatologist I also saw yesterday said with that high of a score that I do have GD and that he recommends that same route my OB suggested. So I am lost as to if I really do have it or not. With that being said I have been following the sheet she gave me and after getting my blood sugar up from 61 first thing this morning I have done great at maintaining it. I am still very confused about it all. Also was told about a drink called Propel zero. It tastes super sweet but no sugars and no carbs and has helped curve my sweet tooth.

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Sorry to hear about the poking Sad I've been controlling my GD with diet, until my fasting numbers hit 100. OB put me on glyburide (lowest dose) with dinner. My fasting numbers are now below 90. woohoo!

My biggest tip for controlling meal sugars: activity! Don't just eat and sit. Eat, give yourself like 30 minutes to digest and then go for a walk or something! It will help bring those numbers down.

Fasting numbers I have no tip for, mine just kept going up no matter what I did for dinner or snack or not.

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I only had the one hour test as well. My number was 189 which was high so they sent me straight to see a dietitian. I am no logging my numbers every day and poking my fingers. From what i understand you can have carbs but limit them to 4-5 a meal(1 carb is 15g) so im trying to go off of that sheet. The metformin made me sick, tho i dont eat properly.. I sometimes skipped meals since i didnt have an appetite at all. Now tho i think if i eat like they say(which snacks etc.) i will do better.. Thanks ladies!

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I'm glad you got to see your LO again, that's always exciting! I can't wait until my next ultrasound. Sorry about the GD though and I don't have any experience with it yet. I am still waiting to hear my results back about how my test went.

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I'm sorry about your GD. I was lucky enough to pass my test, but I was taking Metformin for my PCOS, which I stopped per Drs order in third month. The Metformin made me sick at first too and the Dr had me lower my daily dosage and them slowly work back up to taking it three times a day. Now I don't know anything about taking it for diabetes, but you might ask about lowering your dosage for a while. Im sorry I can't be of much help otherwise.

You're little girl looks precious!

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Sorry about the GD. Yay to getting to see your little girl though. Love the pic!

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Sorry to hear bummer news Sad I love having any excuse to see baby though! I would also be doing the same thing - anything to avoid the needles and extra drugs! My aunt had GD with both of her babies, and just tried to load up on cheese, nuts, and water. She was always eating apples slice with cheddar on them, or crackers with peanut butter. It really helped avoid feeling like she was going to crash all the time.