Asking my Dr questions about natural, hypnobirthing

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Asking my Dr questions about natural, hypnobirthing

Tomorrow I go for my GD test, but I also want to talk to my Dr. about my hopes for a natural, hypnobirthing. I have some questions for him, but I'm worried I'm going to forget to ask something important. Can you ladies help me figure out what kind of questions to ask? They can be from laboring, to delivery, to right after the baby is born.

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I plan to have this exact conversation with my OB on Thursday! Some things that I want to know are how supportive he is about unmedicated birth, as well as:

How much experience he has with women birthing unmedicated?

Will the 'allow' me to labor in any position I want or will they want to hook me up to a million wires and lay flat on my back?

Are the other OB's in the practice (who may be on call) supportive of NCB?

Would it help to for me to write up a birth plan? (I know many women do that anyway, and some sources recommend it, but I want to ask him about it since this town is somewhat small and resources and perspectives are different here)

Will I be given my baby immediately after birth?

Can I keep him in my room for all the checks and stuff or will they take him away, and if so for how long? (With DD I had a c/s and they took her and I didn't get to see her for 2 hours. DH said a nurse told him they had to wait for her temp to get so high before giving her to me, which I think is ridiculous since she would have warmed up faster cuddled with me!)

Also, if you are planning on BFing, you might want to ask about their policy on giving formula in the nursery. They didn't give DD formula, but there was another mom on my DD's board whose son was given formula because that was the hospital policy, despite knowing she was going to BF him.

Hmm, I should write these things down myself so I don't forget. I'll post more if I think if it.

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Thanks so much Anna! I'm working on a list right now. I did a search online on questions to ask my Dr about natural birthing, and I did find a couple of good lists of things to ask. My Dr is very respectful and caring, but I hope I dont annoy him with all my questions!

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Your doctor shouldn't be annyoned by all your qestions if he seems pretty respectful and caring. I'd totally write down a list so you don't forget some of the things that you want to ask. Here are some of the things I usually ask on my quest to find a great birth place and provider.

During labor-
-Do you require a hep-lock or IV at all times? Can I choose not to have one unless needed.
-Do you support movement during labor or are you required to stay in bed? Can I leave my room to walk the halls or grounds?
-What type of monitoring does the hospital provide? Will I be hooked up to the machine or to you have wireless monitors? Can I opt out of the belly monitor and just have the baby heart rate checked at regular intervals?
-Do you allow eating during labor? Drinking? Clear liquids?
-Do you support the use of water and provide things for that (ie. shower or tub)?
-Does your hospital have birth balls, birthing stools, squat balls, and other tools to use during labor?
-Can I decline internal exams one checked in and rather request them when I'd like?
-Does your hospital allow me to use a doula if I choose?
-Can I provide the nurses/doc/staff with a birth plan and my wishes for my birth?
-Can I birth in my own clothing of choice or do you require the hospital gown be worn?

Delivery & after-
-Can I deliver and push out of bed? In any position I choose?
-Can I bring warm compresses to use during pushing or does the hospital provide anything like that?
-Do you agree to let me tear if I choose and not cut me?
-Do you support delayed cord clamping?
-Will baby be placed on my chest?
-Can I opt to not have baby taken from me (for general weight and junk) until I am ready or unless there is an emergency?
-Can apagars and other things take place while baby is on my chest?
-Does your hospital have a policy regarding giving pitocin after delivery? Can I decline if so?
-Can I decline any standard newborn treatments or screenings?

Those are just a few of mine that might be helpful. My list could go on

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Few things to think about
Does your OB deliver for sure or so they work in rotation so you get anyone? How much are they actually there for, perhaps you can etiher talk to some nurses during a hospital tour? (For me with ds I got the OB on call which was not mine, she was only there for the end so it's the nurses you want on your side).
How far are you from hospital? Unless you're uncomfortable try to labour as much as you can at home.

Other they require IV hook up right away?
I wanted delay cord cutting so I mentioned that (had mecomium though so couldn't do that one). I also wanted heart to heart (not a big deal since that's what they practice anyway although again for me that was delayed a few min)

hmmmm i'm sure there's more can't think right now Smile

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Wow...I never thought to ask so many questions with my other two! I should write some of these down so I can ask my dr at my next appt because these are some things I want to know too!