baby acne?

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baby acne?

my beautful girl is NOT looking so beautiful these days! Sad She's getting terrible acne on her cheek, ear and around the back of her neck...

i know it's pretty normal, and will eventually go away, but it looks so awful! Is there anything that can help it clear up? Or do we just have to wait out this not so pretty stage?


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Desmond has it too. He's had it the past few days. DD1 actually asked if he was sick! She said he looked sick. Made me sad.

I haven't done anything to try and make it go away. I know it eventually does but I don't remember how long it lasts.

I have read that you can wash your baby's face with warm water up to 3 times a day and pat dry to help it and I also read that someone put baby powder on their baby's acne and it cleared in 24 hours (not sure how true that is though!)

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ds1 had is horribly but so far Peyton doesn't have it that bad.. I just left it alone with DS1, so I will do the same thing this time it usually doesn't last that long.

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We've just had 3-4 little milia.. they look like pimples. Like Katie was saying, I use a wash cloth with only water on it, to wash little man's face and neck. He accumulates lint in his neck rolls like they're going out of style. Blum 3

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Desmond's face actually looks better today than it has been. Just the one cheek is real red. I just leave it alone because I know it'll eventually go away.

Yesterday though he had a bunch of the milia.

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So far Kole doesn't have but a few tiny little white pimples. I hope it stays that way. DD though had a newborn rash and got the baby acne really bad. My pediatrician told us the best thing to do is wash it when you give them a bath but leave it alone otherwise. It shouldn't take more than a week or so to clear up. And I'm sure your little beautiful is still just as beautiful! Smile

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Oh, I hate that stage. I know Archer will get it soon. Trying to get newborn pics before it shows up. I've always just left it alone in the past.

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i'm sorry to butt in, but i've heard of a remedy involving coconut oil. i don't remember the exact recipe, but it might be worth googling.

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DJ has a few white bumps on his face which I'm hoping goes away soon.